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Here’s just SOME of what you’ll learn:

-Building a profile that attracts women
-How to build a massive following
-How to get women to reach out to you
-How to powerfully reach out to THEM
-How to start, run and invite people to your own party group
-And much more…

*Social Life
-Building a social life from scratch
-Taking your current social life to the next level
-How to find out where to go
-Meeting male friends to go out with
-Going out alone
-Being the Mayor/working the room
-Business networking
-Approaching singles and groups (even large ones)
-Meeting the staff, being a regular, getting free stuff and never waiting in line
-Giving out your number
-How to banter
-Make out or leave with women fast
-Answering text messages, emails, IMs, voice-mails
-All the inner game related to the above
-Inviting women/people to your Champagne after party
-And much more…

*Inner Game
-Understanding indifference
-Building rock-solid confidence
-How to create stories, grateful lists, affirmation & visualizations
-Overcoming doubt and your negative inner voice
-Building new habits and rituals
-Creating a sexy vibe
-And much more…

*Hosting (Champagne) Parties:
-How to find a public venue
-Hosting at your place
-How to invite people online and in person
-Preparing your place (food, drinks, music, lighting etc)
-How to deal with drinks/food at a public venue
-What to do at your party/how to host
-How to get women to do crazy things
-How to remember names
-Prepping, inviting and hosting the Champagne after-hours party
-And much more…

-Where to shop
-What to buy
-Finding a great tailor
-How to buy for less
-Tips for every occasion, casual and formal
-And much more…

*Pimping out your bachelor pad
-What to do when women are there
-Escalating quickly
-And much more…

*Managing your new lifestyle
-Social life
-Multiple women
-Dealing with drama
-Having threesomes
-How to stay friends with benefits
-Moving from FWB to serious relationships
-And much more…

The NEXT LEVEL of Attracting Women (And How To Reach It)

So-called, “pick up artists” are able to attract some women… BUT there is a WHOLE OTHER LEVEL of meeting and attracting women that can NEVER be achieved by using “pick up” methods.

You may know some guys who are “naturals” with women that always seem to be dating a new, hot girl…

There are also those guys that get hot girls based on their social status or looks, such as a fashion photographer, club owner, or male model.

Well, these guys don’t normally reach *THIS* level either.

I’m talking about a level where you have between 5 and 7 different women who you are hooking up with regularly.

The level where these women are ALL “model-quality”… and every one of them wants to be your girlfriend.

I’m talking about the level where rapport is built in a manner of SECONDS, not hours, days or weeks… and “Traditional dating” becomes is a thing of the past. Where women you THOUGHT needed that kind of stuff in order to feel comfortable with you, DON’T.

I’m talking about the level where you never have to actually speak on the phone with women. Short texts only, no endless back and forth, and no flaking. Just getting down to biz.

They just want to come over to your place… NOW. Heck, sometimes they even want to get down to business without leaving the place you’re at.

I’m talking about the level where women text you for sex, NOTHING ELSE. Your only job is to choose WHICH ONE and not talk them out of it. Your only job is to LET THEM.

And perhaps most importantly… I’m talking about the level where you are meeting new, ridiculously hot girls almost DAILY… with ZERO “picking up” of any kind on your part.

And what’s really amazing is that when you’re at this place, so many women are texting you that you NEVER have to reach out to them first… AGAIN. Unless, of course, you’re hosting one of your infamous “Champagne Parties,” in which case ALL of them will probably show up and compete for you… which is always a lot of fun…

If you were to go up to a random guy on the street and ask him if it was humanly possible to have a lifestyle like this… he would probably tell you that you are f^%$&*’ CRAZY.

Well I’m here to tell you that it DOES exist.

But only for a VERY small handful of guys. In fact, I’ve only met about 5 or 6 others.

And here’s what’s FASCINATING to me…

The other guys I know that live this “impossible” lifestyle are NOT the greatest looking guys, the most in-shape guys…or the richest guys.

AND None of them do any of this “pick up artist” stuff… and in fact, some of them think going up to girls in bars “cold turkey” is for DOUCHEBAGS.

I’m talking about the guys who are sitting on a barstool next to the hottest girl in the place LAUGHING at the “wannabes”… or the guys who don’t have to go out EVERY NIGHT because they are at home and actually GETTING LAID.

Wild concept, right?

Whatever. So what is it that these guys do differently that allows them to have MORE hot women in their life than even a lot of celebrities… even though they AREN’T good looking, in-shape and rich?

It comes down to 2 words:


When describing my style of meeting and attracting women, you may have heard me use the phrase, “run it like a business”…

Well, I’ve realized that this is actually a little bit inaccurate…

The way I SHOULD have been describing it all along is…

“DESIGN it like a business… then let the business RUN ITSELF!”

Because you see, once you know the secrets to designing your life in a way that brings the women TO YOU… your actual “work” is pretty much DONE.

The women come to you… and you just pick and choose.

Easy money.

So what are these secrets?

That’s what my Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation program is all about.

In this program I’m going to take you under my wing where I show not just how to attract women… but my entire “business plan” that puts an unlimited amount of young, hot women in your life with almost zero “work”, or having to learn “game” on your part.

You’ll learn all my lifestyle secrets, tips and tricks that I’ve perfected over the last 25 years of traveling the world, attending every kind of event, having the hottest women and interacting with tens of thousands of people to create the Ultimate Lifestyle where the women you really want can’t resist you no matter what you look like and how much money you have. Following the program will allow you to completely transform your life, including your relationship with yourself, friends, family, women and even money.

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